KITTIE - Metal band from London Ontario Canada Founded in 1996.
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Heres a great interview with Trish on re-joining Kittie after 5 years

Trish Doan interviewed by Maria & Karen – November 21, 2012

After leaving Kittie, how did you spend your time?
So here’s a quick update from 2007 on… After I left Kittie I spent time at home with my parents recovering, sorting out what to do next in my life. I ended up moving to Toronto living on my own and working for a huge media company here in Canada called CTV. It was funny because a few months after moving there I was walking down Queen street and saw a girl with a Kittie t-shirt on (the one that has us as zombies). I started staring at her shirt because I was so shocked, and we both kinda stopped and stared at each other! It was really funny… Anyway, I spent time working there for a few years (in a job for basically what I had gone to school for). In 2009 I had this sort-of epiphany about life, and doing things I’ve always wanted to do. I got up and moved to Australia for a year to get a degree and (try to) surf. I came home in 2011 and started the next chapter of my life. I ended up working for Corus Entertainment (another media conglomerate) doing more interactive stuff for radio. I found it wasn’t the right job for me and pretty much after I rejoined Kittie I left that job and I now do media services for a school board.

How was it adjusting to being on the road with Kittie to no longer being in a band?
At first when I left the band, it was a bit of a sigh of relief… not because I didn’t love it, but because I was going through such a hard time. Having the pressure off me to just stay at home and sort out my issues helped a lot. I had left the band after a really long tour that had stressed out myself and the Kittie family. Having something like an eating disorder not only affects yourself, but those around you just as much. Leaving the band was a hard decision but it helped me to get back on track and helped the girls focus on the important things. After I had gotten myself back on track to recovery was when I really started missing being in the band. Immediately after I left, I stopped playing music all together and when I felt more like myself again I realized how much I needed it. I had other things going well for me, but if you ask anyone who has left the touring scene, you definitely go through some kind of withdrawal from it.

Did touring with Kittie change your lifestyle since you were away from family and friends for long periods of time?
Honestly, because I’ve only done about 5 tours with Kittie I can’t say it had affected me that much… although I’m sure if you ask the other girls they will tell you differently! For me it was like a fun working holiday. The girls are my friends and my second family, so I never got homesick. We have always got along well on tour and living together so it was fun being on the road. The first time I was in the band I was only 20 on the first tour, fresh out of college. Touring then was like an extension of college but way cooler, not to mention on the amazing friends I made in different cities!

What do you think about the last two Kittie albums and the direction the band went? Is it something you are liking, since Funeral For Yesterday is completely different from In The Black & I’ve Failed You?
I bought In The Black as soon as it came out, to show my support, but I didn’t listen to it. I was still going through a bit of emotional pain from having felt like I abandoned the girls. I have never really been big into metal, but when the time came for me to start learning the songs I loved both albums, especially I’ve Failed You!

Do you have a favorite song from either In The Black or I’ve Failed You?
I would say my favorite song is Come Undone from I’ve Failed You… There’s just something about Morgan’s vocals in the chorus that sounds so awesome! I really think that I’ve Failed You is the best record Kittie has done. I’m so glad that I’ve had to chance to play songs live from that record now!

Have you played bass in your spare time after leaving Kittie? Did it come easy to you learning Ivy’s bass parts?
I barely touched a bass or guitar for the first two years after leaving Kittie. It was kind of like a post-breakup thing. You just cut things that remind you of that time of your life out for a while. I still play guitar in my spare time and since re-joining the band I’ve played a lot of bass. I missed it for sure and when I got back into jamming with the girls I realized how much I love it! I got hooked up with Warwick this time around and I have to say I’m glad to be playing again.

Ivy’s basslines are amazing and learning them was very challenging, but the way she writes makes every song really fun to play! Her style is definitely my favorite of all the Kittie bass players. She writes like a true bassist. Her writing is intricate but doesn’t try to take over the song. I had a tough time with a few of the songs, I ended up throwing them into Logic and slowing them down to figure out exactly what she was playing– haha! We talked for a while during the “bass player switch up” and she sent me all her tabs. There’s no way I could have figured out what she was playing without them. If I ever write bass for another Kittie record I have big shoes to fill.

What are your expectations of being back in the band? Is it different this time around?
Going into the band for a second time I knew it was different than the first. As I’ve grown up (or am growing up still) I’ve learned to not have expectations when it comes to changes in life. So many things can change so it’s best just to accept it for what it is and see what happens. I am a totally different person than I was 7 years ago. The mental state I was in when I left the band was horrible. I had taken the fun out of everything. This time around I’m such a happy person and I love life. Leading up to the 2012 tour I was like a child waiting for Christmas! I guess you could say that I didn’t really have expectations, but I was really excited about it. I knew this time around touring was going to be a fun experience without the pressure I felt before– and it was!

How did the band approach you about coming back into the band?
I was actually at work (when I worked at the radio station) and I sat at this sort of quad-desk set up with my coworkers. Morgan sent me a text that said something like… “Hey… would you be interested in going on tour again with us in the Spring? I know its a long shot but you always said you’d want to so I’m asking you now.” I actually sat in my desk and yelled “holy $hit!”. I never actually thought it would happen, but I’m happy it did! I had always been dying to play with the girls again and this last tour really helped bring closure to the fact that I had once left the band. When I left, I really felt like I had disappointed them as well as the fans. This last tour really brought everything full-circle.

How have you been spending your time after the last tour?
I was lucky enough that my job gave me an unpaid leave of absence to go on tour, so I slowly settled back into working. I haven’t done much besides change jobs and hang out at my parents’ pool all summer! I talk to Morgan all the time (and we try to go on a sushi date once a month) and try to catch up with Mercedes and Tara when I can. For fun I like to do photography, web design and am doing an electropop music project with my best friend… just for fun! (Don’t expect anything spectacular hahaha).

Is there currently anything exciting brewing in the Kittie camp that you can share with us?
I wish I could say! We’re all kind of just doing our own things, catching up from time to time. Morgan and I went for sushi last week… that’s kind of exciting, right? :)

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